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LG Optimus l3 e405

LG is one of the big names of in the list of electronic products makers in all over the world, and a large number of people are using LG’s products especially LG have a good name in mobile phone products now they are in the competition with the big names of Android smartphone makers and they are making Android smartphones.

LG Optimus L3 Dual E405 is one of the most popular products by the company and a large number of people are attracting to the device. The exciting features of this perfect device by added by the company make it somehow different form the smartphone of other companies.

LG Optimus l3 e405

The 2.3 megapixel camera of the device will be helpful for those people who want to take good quality snaps and they want to take the shots of HD quality videos. The camera of the device having perfect features will be one of the most favorite features of the device, you can use LG optimus l3 e405 applications free download.

The musical player with FM facility will be one of the most favorite features for the people who want to listen good quality music on their android device, they can enjoy the quality music with the help of the lovers of music can enjoy in a better way with it’s exciting music player, you can go to Android Pulse for more android devices.

The GPRS, 3G, W-Fi, Bluetooth as well as the USB interface of the device will be very interesting features for you. The A-GPS, 1GB internal memory, instant messager will be helpful for you in order to use your device in a better way. There are many other features has been added in the new LG device, the new LG TV option provide you quality channels on your own LG Optimus L3 E405 applications free download.

If you are looking for some more LG device you can visit are on this site there is a huge number of reviews are available for the fans of LG devices.

The weight of the smartphone is 108 g, and you can enjoy its size of 102.6 x 61.6 x 11.85 mm, the device s initially available in black color. The type of the LCD is TFT, with a screen size of 3.2 inch. The screen resolution of the device is 320 x 240 px. This is a touch screen mobile with some new features and hopefully you like it.

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