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Latest Android Version, Jelly Bean

There are many versions of Google’s Android operating system are available in different company’s Smartphone and a large number of people want to use the latest android version on their phone. Now a days the latest version of Android operating system is available with the name of Android Jelly Bean, and a large number of people are using this operating system on their newly purchased Smartphones.

Android-4-2 latest version

There are many new features has been added in the new version of the Android operating system, which is Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Now it has become an easy task for the fans of Google’s OS to work on their device with more impressive. Here are some features has been added to the new OS here are the features described here. If you are looking for a review of latest android versions you can go to androidpulse where you can find the best one version of Google’s OS for your phone.

Many users on one Tablet

Now there are many other things that are using added in the latest versions of Android OS, now many people can use a tablet at the same time.

Share what you want

If you have installed Jelly bean 4.2.2 you can share your work with others whom you want to share your files and data, so now your friends will be happy for you because you will share your all things with your friends if you want.

Daydream option

Now the use of daydream option will make your work more impressive as you can, take quality snaps with your phone if you want to make something new for the fans of football who want to take quality photos at the time of day and night. For other versions of Android OS you can visit there is a huge collection of latest and old versions of Googel’s OS is availabel.

Actionable notifications.

You can make your work more reliably with expendable apps, as well as the use of actionable notification will be an impressive option for you. With the help of these notification facilities you can make your control more easy on your phone you just need to swipe down and you can go to top of the screen to see all notifications.

Fast and smooth.

The latest Android Version, Jelly Bean is more faster and smooth to use in a better way as you want, and it will provide you quality speed with new features.


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